Focusing on Abilities, Not Disability in the Workplace

In the following video, we introduce you to Jacob and Drew; two individuals with autism who have graduated from our Have Dreams Academy, an employment program for adults with autism. This is the story of their job search, the inclusive companies who hired them, and the kind of employees they are.

If your business is thinking of hiring someone with autism, find out more here: To see a list of our program and business partners, click here.

Have Dreams’ employment programs have the goal of helping adults with autism find meaningful employment – and we have succeeded. All individuals in our vocational programs participate in internships and 90% of our program graduates have secured competitive, inclusive employment upon completion of their internship. In addition to allowing graduates to help support themselves, we expect these first jobs to open opportunities to begin to build a career. More important, they embed the graduates in the community, increase their self-sufficiency, provide a meaningful sense of achievement, and build lasting relationships. For more information about our adult employment programs, contact and see:

Published on Mar 31, 2017