After-School and Weekend Programs

Have Dreams, a leader in autism services since 1996, offers a variety of after school programs for individuals on the autism spectrum. Have Dreams’ weekly programs help foster social, communication and friendship-building skills within a highly structured environment. Instruction is based on the TEACCH philosophy of Structured Teaching, a best-practice autism intervention program developed by the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Programs are offered for ages 16 months to 25 years with a low student to teacher ratio.

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An intake specialist can help you discern which program is right for your loved one.
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WeeDream/Readiness SCILS (Ages Up to 6 Years Old)

weedream play doh

Wee Dream/Readiness SCILS (Social, Communication, & Independent Living Skills) is an early intervention program that helps children as soon as they receive a diagnosis develop skills of attending, waiting, turn-taking and other important skills to build readiness for their entry to school. These programs also provides opportunities for parents who are often dealing with a new diagnosis to meet with professionals to discuss questions or concerns about their child during their child’s class time.






Social Skills 

EV - Monday Social Skills Class

This is a center-based program in which children are engaged in social learning opportunities and activities. Thematic units are integrated in each learning center. Learning centers include games, reading, art, gross motor activities, cooking and music. Skills such as turn taking, waiting, sharing and attending will all be practiced. Games are adapted to promote socialization and communication skills. Adaptations and prompts are faded as students become familiar with and understand the game concepts, enabling them to play the games in other settings.




Interactive Games and Music


This is a highly structured program in which participants play highly motivating adapted commercial games with their peers and social buddies. The goal is to practice and learn the rules of games, turn-taking and social cues. High interest music activities are implemented in the lesson plans to encourage age appropriate communication.








Instructional Swimming (Park Ridge Community Center)


Instructional Swim accommodates individuals with ASD of all abilities through beginner, intermediate, and advanced level classes. Qualified and experienced staff evaluates participants in order to determine and recommend appropriate program placement. Swim lessons are highly supervised and staff’s first priority is to ensure that participants are safe in and around the water and have an understanding of their role in staying safe. A high staff-to-participant ratio provides each swimmer with individualized programming and visual supports to communicate when and how they may safely enter and exit the water using the stairs and railing.






Tech Club (S.T.E.A.M.)

robotics tuesdays

Technology themed lessons focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (S.T.E.A.M.) are geared towards participants with High Functioning Autism. A half-hour of the class is dedicated to “tech” interests of the group such as computer programming, Minecraft, robots, new iPad apps, etc. The other hour of the class is focused on highly motivating and structured social activities. The interests of the students are the framework of each class.






Teen/Young Adult Club

young adult club

Our Teen and Young Adult Club is a place for teens and young adults with ASD to socialize, make friends and share common interests in a safe and structured environment. Each class is based around an age-appropriate pop culture theme. At our Park Ridge location, community outings are incorporated such as bowling, movies, etc., during each quarterly session.



An intake specialist can help you discern which program is right for your loved one. Please email us at for a personal consultation.


Have Dreams Academy enrollment is now open March 2018