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Who Believed in You?

Do you remember the feeling of pride receiving your first paycheck or being hired for your first job? It made you feel that someone Believed in You! Graduates from Have Dreams job training program know this feeling well!

At Have Dreams, we see how believing in someone makes all the difference in helping adults with autism realize the dream of earning their first paycheck. Through our specially designed work training internships, our employment training candidates know We Believe In Them and the value they bring to the workforce.

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With your gift to Have Dreams, you can help more adults with autism find their first competitive job, like Andrew.

Andrew enrolled in our Have Dreams Academy employment training program last year: “I started here only a couple days after my last day of college not knowing where my next step would go; knowing about Have Dreams gives me a second chance; knowing what other options I can see for the future.”

– Andrew, Medinah Country Club Employee

Hear Andrew’s inspiring journey to competitive employment in the video below. Then join us in supporting Have Dreams to let other adults like Andrew know You Believe in Them!


Have Dreams believed in Andrew and so did the staff at Medinah Country Club.
“Great news on Andrew! He is performing so well that Chef is training him to do multiple tasks. I spoke to Andrew a few days back and I asked him which of the tasks he likes best. He shared that his favorite is ALL of them!

We wanted to thank you again and let you know we would love to hire others through Have Dreams at your discretion. Keep us in mind, as bringing Andrew on board with Medinah CC has truly been a win-win for everyone.”
– Tammy Napoli, HR Director, Medinah Country Club