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June 9 – August 16:
DIGITAL PHOTOGRAPHY comes to the computer lab! 

As we prepare for the Film Camp in late July, we will have a special unit in our Tuesday afternoon Tech SCILS group this summer. As a way to “mix things up a bit” and add something new for students who have been attending regularly, we are doing a special unit on photography and digital manipulation. Each student will have the use of their own point-and-shoot Canon camera, and will learn to transfer files and learn digital photo techniques – everything from cropping and effects filters, to manipulating the images in order to create greeting cards and posters.

tech-labworkstationThe Have Dreams computer lab is open to all students at the Evanston location and is a part of our Tuesday Tech SCILS program. Students are given instruction in basic computer programming (through MIT’s Scratch language) and other multi-media software tools. Using self-paced learning materials created by our instructors, our goal is to create simple video games that can be tested by other students in the program, and featured on a website also made by the student.  The program is designed to nurture many of the students’ natural abilities in technology, while providing a highly structured environment to avoid frustration.