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Have Dreams Academy (HDA) graduate David completed our HDA employment training program in the winter of 2018.  David is a PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technician, a very difficult credential to pursue.  David, a very bright and capable young man with a certificate in a high-demand field, pursued many pharmacy technician employment opportunities prior to enrolling in the Have Dreams Academy, but was unable to get past the interview stage.

When David entered our program, he was understandably frustrated with his efforts at finding a pharmacy tech job, yet still determined to pursue his career path.

David completed an internship at Thermal Laminating Corporation while in the Have Dreams Academy, where he received very positive feedback from his supervisor, who would have hired him, had they had open positions at the time.

As his Have Dreams Academy session was coming to an end, David resumed his job search in April, this time with the support of Have Dreams.  Have Dreams utilized its network to explore pharmacy opportunities that would limit the need to provide customer service, in order to focus on David’s strengths in his career field.

David interviewed for and is now successfully employed as a pharmacy Filling Tech at Forum Extended Care Services, and was recently recognized as their Employee of the Month!  This job offers a perfect blend of David’s training as a pharmacy technician and the manufacturing experience he received through his internship in the Have Dreams Academy program.

With the additional work experience gained through a Have Dreams Academy internship, interview skill development, workplace training, and the confidence boost the program provides, paired with the behind-the-scenes advocacy and networking opportunities our job development services include, an individual like David was able to find the right job, setting him up for a meaningful career.

Your support of our programs such as the Have Dreams Academy, can make a difference in the life of a capable and job-ready young adult on the autism spectrum.

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