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Support Have Dreams, where adults with autism are always understood and accepted, while enjoying friendship, community, and lifelong learning.  Meet our Life SCILS men and women here.

scils graphic longFriendship, internships, healthy living and volunteering in the community are just a small snapshot of a typical day at Have Dreams for the adults in our Life SCILS program.   At Have Dreams, we are committed to making sure that the men and women in our full-day community-based program always feel understood, accepted and respected, whether they’re having their best day or their hardest moments.

Every day, our staff sees countless acts of kindness, and the genuine support the men and women in our Life SCILs program provide to one another, demonstrating their amazing bonds of friendship formed at Have Dreams.  They are like family, supporting and watching out for one another, always there for each other throughout the day:

Acts of friendship like Life SCILS participant Bryan whose generous invitation, brought a big smile to fellow Life SCILS participant Jimmy just the other day at lunchtime.  Bryan, noticing Jimmy sitting alone at lunchtime, and realizing that a seat just became available at the large lunch table, enthusiastically called out “Hey Jimmy come sit with us, come here big guy, and see what I got at Target.”  Jimmy’s face completely lit up!  Even though Jimmy is nonverbal, his expression of joy and gratitude was evident as he excitedly joined the group at the large lunch table at the generous invitation of his friend Bryan.

Have Dreams offers a safe place for each person to be themselves, like Elyse, who instinctively mentors new participants in the Life SCILS program, taking them under her wing by thoughtful acts of kindness:  giving them a tour of Have Dreams on their first day, explaining the days activities, and sitting with them at lunch.

Or Frank, showing one of our newer Life SCILS participant LibbyAnn all the steps for their work task at A Just Harvest, where they volunteer each week.   Having a familiar person alongside you, like fellow Life SCILs participant Frank, helped make this new volunteer experience for Libbyann, safe and comfortable. Another small but powerful expression of the friendship, support and connections our Life SCILS participants provide one another each and every day at Have Dreams.

At Have Dreams, we are committed to ensuring that  Genny, Zach, LibbyAnn, Bryan, Ethan, Andrew, Tanya, Michael, Emilie and Frank, and all the other adults in the program feel supported, safe and comfortable in the knowledge that each and every staff member at Have Dreams understands, accepts and respects them.

We invite you to help us provide more moments of friendship, support, learning and SMILES through your gift to Have Dreams.

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